1) Fill out registration form completely
  2) Pay registration fee
  3) Anyone who fundraises will get their own web
       page to keep raising as much as they can
  4) KEEP WORKING!!! Bring your
      final amount with you. Everything will be
      tallied at registration on the day of the walk.
  5) You will also recieve your t-shirt at check-in
  6) There will be a prize for most money collected
   It's really all very simple
Register, pay the fee, show up, get your shirt, have a blast!


Ask family, friends, neighbors, co workers to sponsor you
with a flat donation ($20 is good, but more or less is too)

Asking directly adds a personal touch, and usually gets a better response, if you are able.

Send out emails, Facebook and Twitter messages etc., with a link to take credit card donations that will be on your webpage. The big guys require you to raise several thousand dollars to participate. We ask that you try for $200. That's 10 donations of $20. Do what you can.

Anyone who can fundraise on their own will get their own webpage to tell story, set a goal, check progress, etc.

All online donations, plus money you bring in person, will be tallied at the registration table.


The problem with online donations is that many will say they will go to the website later, but never do. For your downloading pleasure, we also have a sheet to get pledges the old fashioned way. These are great to take to work, school, church, or wherever you see fit.