The Book of Common Sense

  • COMMON SENSE FACT # 12...It is correct that different ataxias affect different people in some different ways. Many symptoms however, are universal. Balance, walking, writing inability, depth perception and double vision, lack of muscular coordination, fatigue. It is also reasonable to assume that suggestions for dealing with something will help most people.
  • COMMON SENSE FACT # 13...There is NO medication to help with ataxia. Some people experience some  relief from some  symptoms with meds.
  • COMMON SENSE FACT # 14... Exoskeletal or prosthetic devices that are controlled by brainwaves or signals cannot work for ataxians. If you can't control the actual body part, you can't control the prosthetic.
  • COMMON SENSE FACT # 15... It is more logical to figure a way AROUND a certain issue than to frustrate yourself because you can't fix it
  • COMMON SENSE FACT # 16.... Just like a camera requires light input through the lens, so does the ataxian brain. The lower the light, the fuzzier and grainier the picture. Because our signals are compromised, the brain can't establish a point of reference. It is the same when we close our eyes.
  • COMMON SENSE FACT #7....Ataxia has caused your body/muscles to not work like they used to or nearly as much. Your feet,, legs, back, shoulders, etc. all hurt because of this. USE THEM, MOVE THEM, EXERCISE and STRETCH!!!
  • COMMON SENSE FACT # 8...Medical school does NOT have ataxia in their cirriculum is HIGHLY specialized. Dissing on a nurse or primary care Dr. or ANY medical person for not knowing is like taking a high end Bugatti with an intermittent problem in the computer that controls braking and acceleration to your local Midas or Pep Boys, and being mad they know nothing about it.
  • COMMON SENSE FACT #9....Supplements and vitamins can make your body FUNCTION better. They are not a medication that can make you FEEL better. Exercise, with some supplements and a healthy diet however WILL make you feel better !
  • COMMON SENSE FACT #10....Results require action. Do what you will with information given...put it into practice, or be like the smoker that says they need to quit while firing up another coffin nail and hacking up a lung. Doing nothing gets you nothing .
  • COMMON SENSE FACT # 11...Let's assume that the estimates are somewhat correct. If there are approximately 150,000 Americans living with some form of ataxia, than about 400 pass each day, and 400 new ataxians are born. Yes, this is approximate, and can vary and fluctuate. Most know nothing about ataxia, many don't know they have it, many become depressed and reclusive, many ignore it, some choose to just push on, and some choose to seek help. Bottom line is, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!
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COMMON SENSE FACT #1....Many need to stop blaming ataxia for all of their woes, and take some responsibility. Lack of any kind of movement or even moderate exercise is hurting you tremendously. Just like the person who sits on the couch eating ice cream and Twinkies will never lose an ounce, an ataxian who doesn't move will never make anything happen.

COMMON SENSE FACT # 2...Every little ailment or ideosyncrasy you experience is not a common symptom of ataxia. Don't look for trouble where there isn't any.

COMMON SENSE FACT #3...It's not always a balance issue. Many times an ataxian trips because they don't lift their feet off the ground high enough. The body moves, but the foot has it's own agenda.

COMMON SENSE FACT # 4...Weather has absolutely NOTHING to do with you catching a cold or getting the flu. They are viruses transmittted from person to person. You can stand outside naked in freezing temp with wet hair, and all you will get is laughed at.

COMMON SENSE FACT # 5 -There are THOUSANDS of conditions/diseases that have no cure, and that you never heard of. YOU never heard of ATAXIA before it hit you between the eyes. YES, most drs. know nothing about it. There is no benefit in complaining. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!

  • COMMON SENSE FACT #6 - Exercise is ANY type of movement...You don't need equipment, or a gym membership. Walk, swim, bike, stretch, yoga, play with dog, mow the lawn, shovel snow, sit and just flex muscles, wiggle toes, laugh out loud...ANYTHING you can do beats doing nothing. Hold on to furniture, lean on a wall, crawl around on the floor...Use your noggin.

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